CLI tools


drop-cli — command line for managing a DROP

        start with arg to connect another host (default localhost)
        ex. drop-cli <HOST>
        login - login in system
        freenode_list  - list of free nodes
        freenode_clear - remove all free nodes (refresh list)
        cluster_list - list of avaliable clusters
        cluster_create - create new cluster
        cluster_destroy - destroy existing cluster
        cluster_start - start all cluster nodes
        cluster_stop - stop all cluster nodes
        cluster_node - add/rm/start/stop node in cluster
        cluster_info - info of cluster
        cluster_version - version nodes of cluster
        service_list - list of systemd services
        service_start - start systemd services
        service_stop - stop of systemd services
        service_status - status of systemd services
        service_conf - configurate systemd services
        plugin_repo - find avaliable plugin in repo
        plugin_install - install plugin
        plugin_remove - remove plugin
        plugin_list - list of plugin
        plugin_start - start plugin
        plugin_stop - stop plugin
        plugin_info - info of plugin
        plugin_call - call msg to plugin
        fun_repo - find avaliable fun in repo
        fun_install - install fun
        fun_remove - remove fun
        fun_list - list of fun
        flow_install - install flow
        flow_remove - remove flow
        flow_list - list of flow
        flow_start - start flow
        flow_stop - stop flow
        flow_info - info of flow
        flow_call - call msg to flow
        stats_cluster - system stats of cluster nodes
        stats_plugin - system stats of groups on nodes